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New Analytics BETA! + Recent Change Log / Updates

Have you seen the new analytics yet? We have the new version live, in BETA, and we’d love your feedback! We’ve added some awesome new features so you can really drill down on your analytics! If you configure your analytics … Read More

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Ping Post Is a Win-Win for Lead Buyers and Sellers

It’s easy to assume buyers and sellers are at odds in the lead distribution process. Buyers want to pay the lowest amount possible for leads, while sellers are of course looking to maximize their own profits. If the two parties … Read More

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Case Study: How Giggle Finance Used Lead Prosper to Gear Up for Growth

We launched Lead Prosper in early 2020, but we’re already humbled by the contributions we’ve been able to make to our customers’ businesses. As a small lead distribution platform competing with some of the Goliaths in the space, we believe … Read More

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Is Bloatware Driving Up the Price of Your Lead Delivery Software?

Lead Prosper wasn’t the first lead delivery platform. In fact, we created it out of our frustration with all the existing options that were dominating the marketplace. Some of those platforms were workable, but even the best among them were … Read More

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Webhooks, data transformers, highest bidder and more!

Webhooks – Perform secondary (HTTP or Email) actions that can be triggered in each of your campaigns. Data Transformers – Have multiple buyers that require a field in different formats? You can now easily transform your data! Highest Bidder – … Read More

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