Powerful Lead Delivery Software. Incredibly Easy to Use.

Analyze, validate, filter, route and manage your leads.

Easily discover important insights

Real-time analytics

Monitor buys, sells, fails, dupes, etc in real time. Catch issues before they become billing headaches, or just sit back and watch the stats grow

Data Accessibility

Gone are the days of waiting on tech queues for simple logs, API integrations, etc - All data, accepts, fails, dupes, ability to repost, ability to generate specs or map your customer specs is available at your fingertips with simple clicks of a button

Alerts by email, text, and more

Important alerts direct to your cell or email set by you - including feed down, fail/duplicate thresholds, campaigns fluctuating volume, campaigns not hitting caps, to name a few.

Time is now on your side

You now have the power to create and optimize your campaigns, and tackle any challenges that arise - without the need for a dedicated tech person.

Auto-generate robust posting specs that take questions out of the equation

Integrate, map fields, create filters, and test customer APIs quickly and easily

Duplicate lead filtering included at no additional cost

Manage failed leads or duped leads, debug why they failed, and repost them

Create a pre-ping or upload a suppression file of known complainers or previous buyers

Monitor volume, spend, profit through realtime analytics

Rich with features

Ping Post Lead Distribution

Gain the ability to ping your client with partial lead information and decide whether or not to sell them the full lead based on their API's response. Buy/Sell to PX.com, or create your own Ping-Post marketplace.

Multi-buyer campaigns

Whether you want a ping-tree, round robin, or send the lead to all your buyers, the multi-buyer campaign type easily lets you build a campaign around your needs

Simple campaign filters and field validation

Dont depend on your supplier to get your campaigns filtering right - tailor the campaign on your end to only accept leads that fit your filters.

Open API Integration

Our Open API is simple and easy to use, allowing you to access all the data and analytics for any campaign. You can seamlessly integrate to CRM’s, lead vendors & other dialer systems because we understand that switching platforms is not always easy or cost-effective.

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